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1. The client is coordinating a location for us. We will likely be shooting at the McDonald’s restaurant in their head office building in Burnaby.
2. We would be shooting during open business hours at the breakfast period (which happens from 4am – 11am — actual shooting times would need to be confirmed).
3. Because it’s a functioning kitchen, we’d have to limit the number of people we could have in the kitchen at a time (2-3 potentially).
4. We would use an actual employee as the “talent” (young caucasian hands requested). We would never see their face.
5. It would probably be a mixture of directing the cook, and also just capturing what’s going on (more towards directing). It would obviously require some slowing down of their EMM making so that we can capture everything we need.
6. There would not be a food stylist working on the project. The goal is to show the “real, quality” ingredients used in EMMs.
7. We’d ideally need to limit the amount of equipment you’re using as much as possible. We were thinking potentially just a hand-held camera and some low-profile lighting equipment (and whatever else is mandatory for you guys).
8. Is it possible to have some sort of monitor that we could use to have our team outside of the kitchen viewing the filming wirelessly?
9. We will need to come up with a full shot list which we would share with the restaurant in advance of shooting.
10. We were assuming this would require 2 half day morning shoots (maybe 4-5 hours each), but it would be great to get it done in one day if possible.
11. We were hoping you could do the post-production / editing work on the video, working with our creative team. We’d need to supply final video assets to our flash developer who would then build the banners…unless your person also has flash capabilities.
12. For crew, we were assuming it would be the videographer and an assistant. Do you think you’d need more than that?
13. We’ll need to source music for the video and get that edited in…whether it’s us sourcing or you.

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