Petty Cash

Things work a bit different here.
Read on to learn more.


1. Keep receipts FLAT and unstapled.

2. Number your receipts sequentially, 1, 2, 3 on the receipt.

3. DO NOT TAPE RECEIPTS! Hand them in individually, flat, in a sequential stack with 1 on top.

4. You can circle and highlight things if you want, but it’s not needed.

5. No need to print emailed receipts, please send a pdf via email or to a dropbox

6. Check out this prime specimen — >>


Please fill out the PC sheet with all details for the spreadsheet that you have been sent.

  • ACCOUNT – choose from the list on the report
  • DATE – Purchase Date
  • Receipt ID – This will correspond with your flat numbered receipts, please have your ID match your numbered receipts.
  • NAME – Location of the purchase
  • DESCRIPTION – Quick Description
  • SUBTOTAL – Pre – tax total
  • TOTAL – Total
  • GST – GST total
  • PURCHASER – Your name

Didn’t get a report? Grab on from here.
Once open, FILE > MAKE A COPY.
Rename it with Job number / Job Name / Your Name
eg. 2021-16 Snowpiercer Sean Frith